Sunday, November 02, 2003

Lesson Learned: It's gonna take constant vigilance. If I want to keep the weight off, then I must count points and watch my portion sizes for the rest of my life.

Today was my first day on the scale in practically 3 weeks. I was up by 0.2lbs. Not bad, considering that includes my vacation and Halloween. While chatting with some of the other members before the meeting, I realized that I have been deluding myself. I had been telling myself that I can now coast. That is, I can finally relax: no more counting points, no more serving dinner with a measuring cup/spoon, etc. But if I really want to keep off the weight, I'll have to continue with my food journals and measuring cups and dressing on the side. At least exercise isn't a problem anymore; I WANT to workout at least 5 days a week (can you belive it?). But the other stuff......well, thought I wouldn't have to consciously do it anymore, that it would all be natural. But if it was natural, then I wouldn't have gained all that weight to begin with.

After my meeting, I went to the gym and lifted and did 3.25 miles on the elliptical. Since the closed captioning wasn't turned on, I couldn't read Animal Planet and instead read a People magazine.

Then it was home sweet home. Tim had gone to a bar to watch the Steelers lose to the Seahawks, so I had the house to myself. I fixed up some lunch. That was bad. For some reason, when I'm home in the afternoon, once I start eating, it is hard for me to stop. I plan on a big salad and a lot of squash, and that usually keeps me satisfied until Tim comes home, but today I had to get out of the house! So I wandered around the mall and bought a diet soda. I was very proud of myself for changing my environment into one less food-oriented.

Knitted my sweater some more. It is now about 5 inches long! Watch the Packers beat the Vikings. Caught some more TV, then upstairs and ready for bed. Tomorrow is a big day: my job interview for a science teacher position in Oxnard. I am planning on getting there early and tour the school before the interview. Just want to get a better idea of what I'm interviewing for.

Wish me luck. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.


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