Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Lesson Learned: Kids have guilty consciences. Use this to your advantage as a sub.

Today I was an 8th grade history teacher. Ms. B, the teacher, was on campus in meetings all day, so I took over her classes. Boy, I really earned my money today! Those kids took all my energy and every trick I knew just to keep them from climbing out the windows (literally; I'm not kidding). All they had to do was spend 10 min at the beginning of class reading the paper, then work on a project and/or watch the movie "The Patriot." I mean, a real easy day. What I ended up settling for was just sitting still and not making a lot of noise, and some kids had a hard time just doing that. They either had to make obnoxious comments (which I ignored), or they talked or threw things at each other or hit each other. I had boys pointing fingers at each other in one class trying to tell me who "started it". After asking them to separate, I filled in a referral to the principal and told them that if I had to talk to them one more time, they were going to the office. That shut them up right quick. Another class was talking and being noisy and disrespectful when I was trying to introduce myself and tell them what they were doing for the day, so after asking them to quiet down 3 times, I said if they continued to be disrespectful, they can stay after the bell and practice being quiet for 15 seconds. Most of the kids quieted down, but one boy said, "OK." So I did. I put a check mark up on the board and said each check = 15 seconds after the bell, and we'll just see how many checks we can get today. That shut up everyone else and they all jumped on that smart-alecky kid! Then they asked if I would remove the check, which I didn't. Luckily, that kept them in line the rest of the period. And I kept the whole class after the bell. heh-heh-heh

I laugh evily, but it is hard being a bitch. I know that is what I am when I sub (don't tell the kids that), but if I wasn't they would be all over me. I really like being myself, but as a sub I don't get the opportunity to relax and have fun with the kids.

After a day such as this, I went to the gym. After jogging for 30 minutes on the treadmill and 15 min of ab exercises, I felt much happier. Then it was off to Darleen's. She was hosting this month's WEST meeting. She did a really great job. Her house is really small, so she set up her backyard with tables and chairs and had a fire going in the chiminea. It was quite nice. It was also great talking to everyone. I feel that I talked a lot. I think I just miss having other people to talk to.

Anyway, had a pleasant evening. Came home and wrote my blog! Oh, yeah; I called Oxnard wanting to ask about my application, but no one was there. I left a message. I guess I'll just have to wait and see. Lynne gave my info to someone at Santa Barbara High School's Green Academy who needs an assistant. But, no word from him yet. I hope he calls me.


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