Sunday, November 09, 2003

Saturday, 8 November 2003

Today was a good, social day for me. I went to a jewelry party at Lynne's house. She was one of my instructors at the UC and we have kept in touch. (Actually, I've needed her help many times, and we both belong to the same professional group, which she began.) After this, Tim and I met my sister and her boyfriend downtown for a late lunch. It was a nice visit, if short. I actually met a couple of his relatives! They have been together for 6 years, and I am the first person on my sister's side to meet someone from his family. My sister penned it an "historical event. "

Once at home, we had dinner and watched a movie, "Shakespere's Romeo + Juliet," the one with Claire Danes and Leonardo Di Caprio. It was actually pretty good. I've seen other movie adaptations, and I enjoyed this one. Took me a minute to get over the contradictory input (olde English in modern times).


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