Monday, November 10, 2003

Bedtime, so I'm gonna keep this brief.

No school today; at least, no kids. Had a teacher in-service. Was actually interesting. Was about the neurodevelopment of children and adolescents. Turns out, your brain isn't fully myelinated until you are abuot 20. After birth, you have a major brain growth spurt at 2 years, which explains why you are such a brat (ask your mother). You have another brain spurt at about 12 years. Not as much as a toddler, but enough to make you a horrible person. Apparently, connections in the frontal lobes aren't fully formed, so you have difficulty controlling yourself. However, you can learn how to strategize etc. It's just going to take longer. Not sure how much of this info I should share with my students.

Rummaged around storage looking for stuff afterwards. Found some comments last year's students wrote in June and they made me feel much better about this new job. They all said something positive, like how they enjoyed certain labs/units/etc. and that I was a good teacher.

Then Monday Night Football and free food at Tim's friend's house. Greenbay lost to New York Eagles! At Lambeau! It was about 39 degrees and raining! How could they lose??????


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