Sunday, November 16, 2003

This week's goal: I will go for a walk after school at least 2x this week.Should help me wake up for the drive home!

OK, blog fans, will you forgive me? I didn't blog for a number of reasons. I don't want to get into all the details, but let me tell you that I misread the kitchen clock on Fri night, so went to be thinking it was 11:45pm when actually it was 9:45pm. And, I went right to sleep! I have forgotten how tiring teaching is.

I am having to adjust to all sorts of things this year. For example, I need to learn what can be done in 48 minutes (and it doesn't look like very much). I am used to having 90 minute periods. I do feel like I have more free-time than last year. Since my classes are about half as long as last year's, I have half as much planning to do. I am also trying to work in some time-saving tips I picked up from Scott Purdy's book, like having only one assignment to put in the grade book per week. They are doing homework most nights, but I'm not grading it. They will think I am, but I'm not, ha-ha! I will probably stamp their stuff to begin with, then call them up and grade it in front of them later on. That way makes more sense;it gives them a chance to correct it then and there and I can catch who does it and who needs help right away. It will take longer, but that is worth it if there is a chance for them to learn.

Each class is doing a lab this week. Life science is going to have practice using the microscopes and Physical science is going to measure mass and calculate the volume of objects. Should be interesting, and give me lots to grade. I'm not sure how stringent to grade it, as it is mainly practice for future labs. So far, I have each group turning in one paper. We'll see if that works.

I had a good weekend. Yesterday I went to the gym and saw a movie with Sabrina at the UC. The movie was called "The Girl With a Pearl Earring," and it was pretty good. I had read the book a couple of times and had enjoyed it.

The afternoon was spent on my computer researching.......RATS! I am looking to own a pair of pet rats this year! <:3)~ I have wanted a rat for over a year, and now that I seem to have a stable job, it seems like a good time to get some. From what I've read, they are very smart, clean, and affectionate and make good pets (of course they all say that. what rat site is going to say otherwise?) At first, I just wanted one for my room, but they do require more maintenance than you might think. For example, it is best to keep them in same sex pairs or groups, otherwise they get neurotic. And, they need to spend time with you out of their cages every day. But, I think they will do me whole bunches of good. It would be better for me (psychologically and spiritually) to spend an hour after work socializing with my rats instead of sitting in front of the TV drinking a beer. If all goes well, I should get my rats during the winter break. That way, they will have a few days to get to know me before I go back to work.

Today was Sunday, so another weigh-in. I gained 0.2lbs; not bad considering it is TOM and I didn't exercise as much as I had wanted. Then I exercised, came home, watched some of the Rams vs. Bears game (Rams won) before working in front of the computer. You will be proud of me. I did my notes and worksheets for the week! Hurray!

Tim had a relaxing weekend. When I got home from the movie last night, I got the feeling he had been waiting for me to get home. Usually, I think he likes having some time to himself, just like I do, but it felt different last night. He wanted to go for a walk, so we strolled along the warf and up State St. a bit, until the sidewalks got too loud for me. He was very cuddly, which was very nice! He says he missed me, and that is nice, too. Our 18 monthiversary is next week. Wow! 18 months! and it still feels very good being with him. :-)

Tomorrow is my first full week at the junior high. YIKES!


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