Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Achieved: I was still standing and able to smile at the end of the day. And that feels good.

I am so glad the first day is over with. I feel that I can move on now. I did some "getting to know you" stuff, like going over the course syllabus. I also shared a bit about myself and had them write a little bit about themselves on a piece of paper. Usually, I then have them choose one and find that person and then interview him/her and introduce them to the class. This time, a student asked, "Oh, are you reading them out loud and then we have to guess?" That seemed like a good idea, so that is what I did. They really liked it! They loved hearing about each other. We didn't get a chance to read everyone's, but I figure it would make a good sponge activity. Next time, I'll have them write a short paragraph about their perfect day and read those aloud and make the class try to guess.

I have a lot of big classes. I mean, I only have 31 desks, but two classes have over 31 kids! Yikes! The assistant principal said she might try to get rid of a few kids for me next trimester. That would be great! You'd be amazed what a difference 3 or 4 kids make. In the meantime, it is going to make everything interesting. Their lab groups are going to have to be big, like 5 people.

I am looking forward to the rest of the year. I have tomorrow all done and I know what I'm doing on Friday; I just have to get my notes ready. And, I'm pretty sure what I'm doing next week. Only 7 more months to go! :-P

Tomorrow we are taking notes on the scientific process. bleh! Not my favorite thing, but I just want to reinforce some key concepts from their previous chapters before moving on next week.

You know, you would be soooo proud of me right now. Not only is my lunch made, but I've picked out what I'm going to wear and even made breakfast! Tim had the idea of food I could eat while driving, so I made some WeightWatchers pumpkin muffins. Only one point each. And, I have the water all ready to go in my coffee maker. I dusted off the one I had in storage. I figure it would be a way of saving time and money. I figured out that the money I spent on the coffee and filters would be worth about 10 coffee shop cups of coffee, but I should be able to make around 40 cups with what I bought. Hurray!


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