Monday, December 01, 2003

Goal obtained: Actually exercised for 30 min today! And I feel great!

Today was the first day back after the loong weekend. The kids were pretty good; a little chatty, as I changed their seats today. One thing that kept me calm was the anticipation of my rats. I couldn't wait to come home and spend some time with them. I went for a brisk walk once I got home (a bit late, as we had a staff meeting after school), kissed my boyfriend, and then we put their cage on our bed and I spent about an hour with my hand in their cage, coaxing them with treats. Tim thinks we should get them used to our hands first, then work on picking them up. Since it's MNF, and Tim decided to sear some albacore steaks for dinner, the ratties got some expensive tuna and a little boiled potato for dinner. Yum!! <:3)~

I had a good day. I was productive after school, and saw a beautiful sunset on my way home. Until tomorrow!


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