Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Alas, you are now my voice. My sore throat has gotten worse. The kids are hoping I don't go to school tomorrow. I want to disappoint them! Wish I was Stephen Hawkins now. That would be cool! I could have pre-programmed sentences like, "Quiet down, Randy." and "Excellen work Karina."

The kids were pretty good. I just have no voice left after speaking so much.

I was playing a "cute" game with Barbara this evening; she was curious enough to leave the cage on her own, climb up my arm (my hand was in the cage), take a treat near my shoulder, run and stash it and come back for more. We did this for about 10 minutes. The cute thing was that she never knew I was re-using her treats! Tim would've liked it.

Just planning another early night. I do have to type up a quiz and figure out a lab for tomorrow. Bleh!


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