Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Sotto Voce still. I do feel much better than yesterday, but my voice is not back yet.
I am so happy at RdV! Everyone there is so nice and friendly. I have students who will stop by before school starts and do anything I ask them to. The teachers are all concerned about my throat. One gave me a whistle to use to get their attention. Another lent me her speaker/mic set-up for the day. That was terrific. And another gave me a box of chocolates on Monday after I told her how bad my Friday was. Nothing like that has ever happened to me at my old school.

I discovered this evening that my ratties absolutely love popcorn. I haven't found anyone saying that it's bad for them. I use the super low-fat no trans-fatty acid microwave popcorn and made sure to give them a tiny part of the white part, not the kernel, though Tim seems to think that they will be OK with the kernels, being born gnawers.

Well, still a bit tired. Will go to be early again.


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