Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Lesson Learned: nothing makes a day longer than shortened periods.

my brain hurtz..my feet hurt,..they've sucked my will to live.
it's been hot here the last couple fodays and so the kids at then end of the day have been extra whiney so i hve no enerfgy left for you. but wanted to tell you that STAR testing has begun, so not only are they nhot, but whiney aabout having to fill in bubbles and actually think /do workk the rest of the day. they hare trying to talk all their teachers out of doing homework and uroumor has it that some teacher aare just showing moviesbut i don't think that but i am still naive.

had a talk tiwth one teacher and the said he teaches creationism when he does evolution! almost got into seriois discussion about evolution versus creationism but fortunately left under friendly terms still ...agree to disagree undsaid.

the rat is trying to take tim's shirt to the huge nest they build, but he is still wearing it ha ha ha


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