Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Lessons Learned: I am not alone. Even teachers count down the last days of school.
<:3 )~ <:3 )~ The girls!
Right now my rats are interior decorating. They have some newspaper in a box to dig around in, and they have been spending the last week moving it all into their pantleg tube! Tim and I made them a bigger, better cage, and they do seem to be a lot happier.

What the heck? I expected some trouble re: evolution, but not a whimper. Hmmmm...... Oh, well, makes my job that much easier.

Beginning to teach about the Universe to my 8th graders today. The Focus Question today was " could astronauts land on a star like they landed on the moon? why or why not?" I got all kinds of answers. Most kids knew that we couldn't land on a star, but a lot thought it was because they were too small!!!!! I guess they all think of stars as tiny lights and not as huge balls of burning, twirling gas! ( I know, you're thinking of the Lion King, too).

Also did revolution vs. rotation. The activity I had them do was to calculate their ages on different planets. They seemed to like it. During the vocab part in 6th per., I began singing "Revolution" by the Beatles, much to their chagrin (hee,hee,hee).

I recommitted to WeightWatchers this week. Again. sighhhhhh. Well, ya' know, weight loss isn't achieved in a day. Or a week. Or a month. But that is the beauty of WW. It is a lifestyle change and not a "diet", so a bad week (or months, as it were) isn't going to kill me, just make me gain 7lbs :(. I just have to get back on track. My friend Katherine gave me a meal plan and while I haven't been following it, I have been inspired to try some new things it had. For instance, I make myself a breakfast sandwich with egg whites and soy bacon (which is pretty good in a sandwich, but I don't think it would be by itself, as it looks very weird). I bring more snacks to school. I'm eating more yogurt and fruit. And I promised myself as per the meal plan to earn 2 APs (activity points) each day. I am feeling better this week than I have in a loooooonnnnnggg time. And, I'm going to another meeting tomorrow night. One problem I have is that my motivation starts to flag at the end of the week, so this midweek meeting should help.

Gotta sleep! zzzzzz


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