Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Well, another day closer to June. But really, had a good day.

Test days are always good. They mark the end of one unit and the beginning of another. Tomorrow we are beginning EVOLUTION! (or evil-ution as one kid called it). In grading the tests so far, the kids didn't do so well in Punnett Squares, so I might give them more practise in this unit.

Anyway, looking forward to the usual questions: did we come from apes? Which really did come first, the chicken or the egg? did whales have feet? when is the world coming to an end? (that last question has been on their minds for a couple of weeks when they studied the Mayan calendar. Got to tell them that maybe the world will be fine but we will just kill off the entire human race.... God I love playing with their little minds!!)

In my 8th grade class we took notes on Newton's Laws of Motion. On Friday I did these cool inertia demos: table cloth and another with a pie pan and eggs. So today I was going to let them try it. I chickened out during 5th and only let 3 kids do it with a papertowel and paper cup with a bit of water. By 6th I figured "what the heck" and let everyone try it (you know, that "magic trick" where the guy pulls out the tablecloth from underneath a place setting). Well, while I was pouring water in everyone's cup at their desks, I accidentally poured about a litre of water down one girl's back. There was a huge puddle and pretty everyone took it as a sign to get up and run around and go crazy with the intentions of helping out. bleh! well, couldn't really get them under control after that. Luckily only a couple of minutes left for class. Got some of them to realize that the trick was much easier to do when the cup had water. They even said that it was due to an increase in mass!! Wow! I then reminded them about inertia.

Well, I guess I gave them a day they will remember for a while, even if some of them didn't learn anything!


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