Sunday, October 21, 2007


I think if you were to ask women when they experienced their "spring of youth and beauty" most would say they were/felt their most attractive while in high school, college, and/or through their mid 20s. I do believe that I am a good-looking woman, not beautiful, but nice-looking enough to have had my fair share of boyfriends in college and afterwards.

Then I got fat. Real fat.

Now I'm a healthy weight and much more fit and trim than I've ever been. I really feel that I'm more attractive now than 15 years ago. How many 30+ women can say that? It's like I'm in my second spring (gee, I read a lot of Jane Austen) of youth and beauty. In my humble opinion, anyway.

As long as my husband thinks I'm attractive that's all that matters. :-)


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