Sunday, January 06, 2008


My husband gives good, straightforward advice. After reading my last post (and I made the mistake of watching him read. Expecting a reaction. Or, at least, a smirk.), he looked at me and said to "just pick one. It's a name and doesn't matter." The sad thing is that he is correct. But, that being said, he is usually right and that's because he doesn't say anything that can't be logically supported and he hasn't spent time thinking about.

Another piece of advice he gave me (in a much more supportive manner) was in regards to my plan to eat more (real) food. He advised me to change over slowly, as it seems that I depend on these non-foods for meals and not just snacks. Very good advice indeed! This is what I've been doing this week, slowly finishing up my non-foods and getting real foods in their place. Bu-bye egg product, see ya' artificial sweetener, so long diet hot chocolate! Hello eggs, greetings honey, sugar, and stevia, hiya milk and cocoa!!

Tomorrow is the real test as I return to school and my normal routine.


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