Friday, December 14, 2007

Things I Don't Understand

1. People passing me on the right hand lane when the left hand lane (i.e.: the fast lane) is empty.
2. Ordering a nonfat coffee drink with whipped cream.
3. Why God makes such a wonderful little companion in the rat, yet they only live for a couple of years. Why? Why do dogs get to live so long? And parrots? Rats are way better than they are.

Monkey Rat crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday afternoon at 4:40pm. I miss her and her sisters and the Boy. Now the apartment feels so empty and lonely without them. No little balls of fur to talk to and cuddle with and laugh at.

I don't like being in the office without them.

I love my husband, but he doesn't fit in my lap and *talk* in a qwute widdle voice or have pretty pink ears or pretty pink paws or a pretty pink tail for balance. He doesn't make a happy rat face or fit in my sleeve. He doesn't look as cute when he eats treats.


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