Sunday, October 28, 2007

Now We're Writtin' and Knittin'

OK, so a while back I jokingly mentioned writing a book about knitting during our 'round the world trip. This evening Tim and I went on a little walk through our local wetland and I mentioned how Crazy Aunt Purl, who lives in LA, recently went on a book tour and was happy to finally have some cold weather in which to wear all her hand-knitted scarves and stuff. Tim said how fun/interesting it would be to do a book tour, of course we'd have to write a book. "Yeah," I snorted, "Well, there's 'A Common Thread: Knitting from Around the World.'"

All of a sudden this joke became something we could possibly do. I mean, I had already hoped to meet some local knitters on our trip, buy some yarns, maybe pick up a pattern or two. Perhaps use knitting as a way through the language barrier. Tim actually thought it would be a neat thing. We could mention the culture, animals the yarn was spun from, how they knitted. Of course, there would be color photos and it was what I wanted to do anyway, but then we'd come back and I'd write it up and get it published. O.M.G. Now it's scary serious.

So I googled "knitting around the world" and didn't really find what we're proposing on the first three pages. Hmmmm..... maybe we can actually do this. Obviously we aren't planning on getting rich this way, but it would be neat to be published, sign a few copies, and it would be cool to see other people reading and enjoying what we wrote. I should say "I wrote" as I see myself as the main author. Tim would be the intrepid photographer.

I'm just putting this idea out there. Planting the seed in the blogosphere and seeing what blooms.


Anonymous jane said...

I'd buy your first copy! Honestly, it sounds like a really fun idea!

3:36 PM  

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