Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Does giving up on a student (or students) right now make me a bad person? I've been asking myself this question the last couple of days. I have two students in one class who, basically, refuse to learn. I've had kids like that in the past and I know I'll have more in the future, but normally I'd beat myself over the head trying to get them to lift a finger. All I get is tired, frustrated, and the class gets behind while the student still fails. This year I just told these two that if they choose to fail, I wasn't going to stop them as long as they left everyone else alone. I will say that the last two days they've been well-behaved, sitting there doodling for 43 minutes. I've been a bit more calm, and the other kids haven't been distracted and we got some things done.

Am I horrible? Am I a terrible, rotten, lazy, bad person? Will I rot in teacher hell?


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