Saturday, November 03, 2007

End of Days

You know how old people are? How, if they can, they live on ice cream and cookies? And cake? It's as if they know today can be their last, so they live like it. I mean, if I thought I would die today or tomorrow I would totally eat all the dark chocolate and brownies I could lay my hands on. Mmmmmm.... chocolate walnut brownies....washed down with Starbucks' peppermint mocha.... and a side of fried chicken..... and chili-cheese fries....

Anyway, I think MonkeyRat is in that phase. After all, she is 26 months old now which is about 70 in people years. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that she wasn't eating all her salad. Then I saw that she was only eating the corn. We had a scare this last weekend so Tim took her to the vet on Monday and it looks like she's lost about 20g. It made me think that maybe she isn't eating enough. Apparently I'm not giving her enough of the rat equivalent to ice cream and cake.

What is that, you may ask? As far as I can tell, it would be Yogies, corn (on or off the cob), Ensure (chocolate), bread, and avocado.

Since making this discovery her daily salad has been nothing more than corn kernels and avocado. And about 1ml of chocolate Ensure given 2x a day along with her meds. Now, of course, her salad dish is empty. I did manage to sneak in (really? is it possible sneak in food to a rat?) some peas and lettuce these past couple of days and she's eaten some of them, but what disappears is the corn and avocado. The bread gets stashed for later to get nice and hard and good for snackin'.


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