Friday, January 04, 2008

Mr. Right

My husband rented a movie tonight. While I served us our dinner, he put the movie into the player. "What did you get," I asked. "It's a surprise," was his response. I sat through Disney promos and previews while he tried to remember how to work the controls and I was puzzled. A Disney movie? What kind of Disney movie would Tim rent? A surprise for me? I couldn't figure it out and Tim is very good and not giving up a surprise so he let me sit and wonder until he finally found his way to the DVD menu.


I was so delighted, my eyes misted over. I'm sure Tim couldn't understand my emotion but this seemingly small thing meant so much to me. It's always about the little things. I guess it wasn't just the movie but the fact that he knew me so well, like how much I like rats (and still miss my ratties). He had me in his thoughts when he ordered the movie. I am so lucky to have married a man who thinks of me and my happiness every day.

I married Mr. Right. I'm so glad I waited for him to come into my life.


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