Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Eat Food

Well, it's the first day of the new year. Only 6 more months to the end of school!!!

Most people use this time to make resolutions, promising themselves that in 12 months they'll be better in some way. A lot of people vow to lose weight. I've already lost most of my weight and would like to lose 10 more pounds (would make my doctor happier and me healthier) but I'm going to look at what I eat instead of how much I eat.

I was reminded of this article today. The main idea is: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. Simple, right? The author was being interviewed on the radio and the interviewer said how the first part implies that what we eat isn't food. Now, for the past few years I've begun to think that I do have a healthy diet, but that comment made me stop and think, "What am I eating that isn't food?" So, like many bloggers, here is a list! A list of

Food I Eat That Isn't Food

1. Veggie and soy burgers. I do eat these regularly, one almost every day. But how processed can you get? I get the ones with the fake grill marks on them. How cheezy is that??
2. Egg product. Like EggBeaters, just a carton of cholesterol-free egg. product. I do like to eat my veggie scramble every day, but if I don't feel comfortable eating real eggs daily, then I need to change up my breakfasts.
3. Diet soda. O. M. G. I do luvs me my diet soda. I will admit it is my one true addiction. But, for better health I will cut it out. :-( For now. My hands are shaking at the idea of no more soda. How will I get through my stressful days? I can't smoke, and alcohol isn't allowed on campus!
4. WeightWatcher's Smoothies. *sigh* This smoothie product has been my savior, rescuing me from many a bowl of ice cream and bar of chocolate.
5. WeightWatcher's Bars. Again, another product (sheesh! product not food!) that has kept me away from the candy dish in the front office. Guess I'll need to find some other sweet-fix. OR do without!?!
6. Catsup/Ketchup. My sister says you might as well be pouring sugar or syrup over your eggs, but man! I do luvs me some ketchup on my scrambled egg product! This may be the hardest thing to give up because I do this every morning.
7. Non-dairy creamer. Or, worse: FAT FREE non-dairy creamer and SUGAR FREE non-dairy creamer. I don't even read the ingredients list 'cuz I know I wouldn't recognize half of them.
8. Low-fat American cheese. OK, OK, ever since I was a little girl I knew that American cheese couldn't be real cheese, as the label states it is a "cheese food product." But I do like that creamy texture and it melts so nicely.
9. Non-fat cottage cheese. It is much lower in sugar than non-fat yogurt, so it's got that going for it.
10. Non-fat or Low-fat yogurts. Ever since I read the label and saw how much sugar is in this stuff, I've managed to keep away. I guess this means I have to resort to REAL YOGURT!
11. OMG, I can't even believe I'm here at number 11, and I'm embarrassed to say that this item is...artificial sweetener. :-((( Once again another thing I use not only everyday, but several times a day: morning coffee (3 packets), mid-day coffee (not always do I have a mid-day coffee), non-fat cottage cheese or any plain yogurt, instant hot chocolate with added cocoa, spaghetti squash with butter and cinnamon, and not including other products that use it (like diet soda). I suppose I need to A)bear down and use real, raw sugar, and B)just get over it and stop eating sweet things. *sniff*boo-hoo*
12. Skinny Cow. On the plus side, I only eat this stuff in the summer.
13. Condensed soups. Nothing is as homey as Campbell's soups. :-( They make me feel better when I'm sick or in a hurry or only have a couple of points left for dinner. However, I do make some very tasty soups of my own, so maybe it won't be too hard to give up.

Now that I've reached lucky number 13, I think I'll end it. My point's been made. This year I will continue my healthy lifestyle and quest for less pounds on my frame, but will make it a point to eat. more. food. :-) That does mean I need to focus on eating only when hungry and small, normal-sized portions of real foods like sugar and butter. And eggs. And oatmeal?


Blogger Gwen said...

The article you linked to is quite good. I've been meaning to read Omnivore's Dilemma for a while now, and Pollan's article makes it clear I should.

You're making me think about the things I eat regularly which are "food", not food. I know I'll be adding more whole fruits and vegetables to my grocery basket in the future.

5:13 PM  
Blogger Janola said...

The article was a good one, though a bit long! It's very sad to think that in this day and age we, as a nation, need to be re-educated about food and nutrition.

6:40 PM  

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