Sunday, January 06, 2008

New Name

Yup, I no longer like the name of this site: Alphabet Soup. Of course, the url will remain the same but in readiness for the next, exciting chapter of my life I would like to rename my blog. I'm not sure if I can be as clever as some of the other bloggers I've read. I do feel some pressure to be catchy and witty, but, really, who else is going to read this blog except for a couple of friends and my husband?

But, still, I want a new title. Something that is short, amusing, summarizes my personality (bleh), includes my hobbies and interests and travel. Oh, I feel another list coming on.... A list of

Possible Blog Titles That May or May Not Be Meaningful

1. The Knit Goes On

2. Around the World in 80 Stitches

3. The Search

4. Stitch and Bitch? How about Slog and Blog!

5. Needles of Wood and Shots of Bugs

6. Purl Gurl Wurld Tour

7. Ex-Schoolmarm on the Loose

8. The Married Woman and the Computer Engineer

9. Of Food and Fibers

10. Sistah Knittah and her Traveling Harmonica Band


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