Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Moving = Suck

Yeah, I know. It's been said many times before. In fact, according to my husband, "Man, moving sucks. I guess I say it every time we move, but it's true." And, it is.

In fact, packing up for this trip seemed even more sucky than just plain moving. Usually, everything gets put in a box, then put in a truck, then into the new place with some things being thrown out or given away. This time, maybe half of the stuff got boxed and the rest got thrown out or given away. And that was a lot of stuff. I never knew how much crap we had until we had to deal with it all. I really don't know why it seemed to be so much harder than just plain moving.

But now it's done. Everything is somewhere. And the stuff we decided to keep will remain locked up for the next 12 months.


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