Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What Do Teachers Do on Vacation? Part 2

Well, I can only speak for myself. I figured that relaxing was big on my to-do list. To that end, Tim and I spent the last couple of weekend camping, in search of wildflowers, birds, and koalas. The first trip was to the San Diego area. We've always wanted to go to the zoo there and this was the perfect opportunity. We arrived at our campsite on Saturday and decided to explore it a bit. There was a trail who's summit gave us views of the Pacific Ocean and the Salton Sea! It was pretty cool especially since we saw some really big bird prints (sandhill crane?) and some medium-sized cat prints (bobcat?). That night while cooking dinner an owl swooped overhead! Tim missed seeing it, but soon two more owls were flying over us, and a third softly hooting in the trees behind our tent. The next day was spent at Anza Borrego. We checked ou the visitor center and a couple of trails that highlighted some really cool cacti. We also happened to be there on the tailend of some big owl migration and saw about 5 owls resting in some trees!(Check out Tim's barn owl and long-eared owl pix!)

That Monday was spent at the zoo. We were there aaalll day! Honestly, about 8 hours! We saw just about everything you could see there, even the baby panda.

This past weekend was in search of explosions of wildflowers. Last year was phenomenal for wildflowers! There were poppies and lupin everywhere. This year, the theme seemed to be "Yellow."
Every type of yellow flower was in bloom, with a little bit of owl clover mixed in at Carrizo Plain and baby blue eyes at Shell Creek. Of course, we had a great time on both trips.


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