Thursday, June 29, 2006

Workout 6/29

Ha! Hahahahahaha! and a nyah-nyah-nyah! I exercised already today, so now I can sit on my lazy butt and not feel guilty about it. :) What did I do, you ask? Well, only this: jogging 5mi.... uphill....both ways (OK, not as much uphill on the way back, but still).

Took the canyon road this morning. I almost didn't, due to the fact that the sun was up, shining brightly at 7am which meant that it was already warm. But it's Summer and it ain't gonna get any colder, so I sucked it up and left around 8am (after a light breakfast). Man, is it nice up there. This canyon road is 2miles of up, past avacado ranches and a horse farm or two and very popular with the local cyclists (hello, Lance??). Then there is about 1/2 mile of down, then turn back to 1/2mi of up and 2 miles of down! Yee-haww! Took me 67 minutes today. Not sure why it took so long (ummm....hills?), but I felt great doing it!

Earned enough activity points (don't worry-it's a WeightWatchers thing) for a plain burger and fries for lunch. Yummy. Still plenty of points left for dinner and a snack.

Yay, me!


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