Sunday, May 21, 2006

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Well, I had a very fun Friday night. I was among several teachers and staff members who chaperoned 94 jr. high students to the Dodger's game. Until we boarded the bus I was a bit scared, mainly due to the disorganization which seemed to surround this field trip. The PE teacher who organized it wasn't at school on Friday, and those who knew what was going on just told me to relax and it'll all work out fine, especially since all the kids who were going were the "good kids." In retrospect, what they said was correct, but I would've liked a bit more explicitness.

The kids were so cute! They were well-behaved and were having the time of their lives: traveling to Los Angeles with their good friends, eating all the junk food they could afford, purchasing souvenirs they'll never use again (after showing them off on Monday at school, of course), and, of course, laughing, shouting, and running around in the stadium. Of course, I let my hair down, too: laughing, cheering/jeering, enjoying a hotdog, getting up and down for the innumerable waves that we/our section started, dancing, and I even bet a student that the Dodgers would win! ha! Now he has to wear a sign at school on Monday saying "I love the Dodgers." ;-)


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