Sunday, July 02, 2006

Workout 7/1, 7/2

OK, I'll start with today, then blog about yesterday's run.

Today was my "stretch and strength training" day, but I went hiking. We hiked up to Three Pools, off the Tunnel Trail in Santa Barbara. Much of the trail consists of bouldering and rock scrambling, with a little rock climbing. (Basically, you need to get over a big boulder once or twice.) We started around 10am; a bit late, considering the time of year. It was a hot hike, but not unbearable. It was real nice today! We saw 4 snakes-one large California Kingsnake and three California Striped Racers. We also saw the "mystery bird" from past hikes. Before, there would be this bird that has this distinctive, strange song, kinda high and sounds like "WEE-WEe-Wee-wee". (Think "This Little Piggy" and "All the way home.") Today we finally saw it and I was able to identify it as a Canyon Wren. According to the National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America, it's song is really a "(l)oud silvery song, a decelerating, descending series of liquid tee's and tew's."

Anyway, made it to the 3rd pool and it was lovely. The water was so clear, teal, and cool. We scared away one small striped racer and several salamanders. Even a toebiter made an appearance! We had the pool all to ourselves for a bit, then were joined by a small troop of hikers who, like ourselves, were in search of a swimming hole less crowded. Tim and I jumped in, slid down the natural rock water slide, and relaxed by the pool, along with the 4 other hikers. Quite nice.

Now, yesterday. I jogged 8 miles and was delighted to find that I felt really good at the end of it. Gives me courage for my half marathon, only 4 weeks away. At first, this frightened voice started up, doubting my ability to do this run. Luckily, another quickly chimed in, reminding me that I had just done 8 miles last week as well as having completed a 10 mile race a couple of months ago, so what was the problem? With that, I took off! Went into SB and jogged along the coastline, enjoying the remaining cool and breeze before the heat really set in.


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