Sunday, January 06, 2008

6 Months Left... live! I only have 6 months left of living on the Southern California coast. Part of me is being philosophical about it. What would you do if you only had 6 months to your current residence?

Obviously, I would try to have fun and take advantage of what's around me. So, I'm going to find things other than school to put my energy into like dance! I'm going to sign up for a session beginning this week. I'm going to spend quiet time knitting and perusing my favorite yarn stores. I'm going to get outside and enjoy the beach and avocado trees and have coffee and (real) scones in our little bakery. I'm going to see more of my friends, even if it kills me.

I'm also going to get rid of "stuff." Being a pack rat, I have a bit of stuff that for one reason or another I haven't gotten around to throwing away, but it all has to be gone by the end of June. It makes buying more yarn or clothes moot; they'll just be boxed up for a year soon. I did throw out some things today like old moisturizers, baskets, and shells. If it wasn't raining right now, I might even toss out all the cardboard we've stashed for rats. I have a shelf full of things I can recycle right now and that's what I"m going to do!!


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