Monday, May 31, 2004

Procrastination. Because we only have here and now.

OK-I have a buttload of grading to do today (Memorial Day-Hurray!), but I wanted to share some thoughts with you....

I really like my rats. I do. I also realize I don't give them as much attention as I should, but I try to talk and play with them everyday. Rats should be the pets of all those who are trying to maintain a healthy diet. If you care about your rats, then you will give them what is best for them, right? And most people are real good to their pets. Also, we all love feeding animals. Don't ask me why, but giving an animal some food off your plate and seeing them ask for more is, in a word, cute. What brings these two things together is the fact that rats must have a low fat diet. That means that if I want to give them treats from my dish, then my food should be low fat, too. See?? Tim and I just gave the girls the remaining hot cereal from our breakfast, which has very little butter and is made from several grains. We also eat a lot of veggies, which we share with them and the millies (I told you I had African Giant Millipedes, didn't I?), not to mention the occassional chicken bone they get from our dinners. So, if you need motivation to stick to a healthy eating plan, maybe you should get some rats. Of course, they'll eat anything, but everything else will give them cancer, which has, without a doubt, been proven in every study you've every heard of.

Thanks for listening. Now I must go grade.


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