Sunday, June 06, 2004

10 more days of school! Nyah nyah nyah!

So far, so good. Even though there are 10 days of school left (can I get an "AMEN!"), part of me wonders if I can make it. Of course, I have no choice. This last Friday was the first time in my life (OK-in recent memory...and as a woman my memory spans ages) that I was ssssssooooooooo happy to see a weekend. I've been working for years, some crap jobs, some tiring jobs, but never had I been this ecstatic. I did a TGIF dance a few times after the kids left.

To gear up for this upcoming week, I've taken it easy. Very easy. I did very little work and took 3 long, hot bubble baths.....aaaaaahhhhhh. I even read a cheesy woman's magazine (Good Housekeeping) and lit a candle. On Friday I had a beer in the tub, yesterday I had a nice big mug of mint tea w/chocolate powder. Tonight was just me and the mag. Now I'm relaxing as Tim prepares dinner. I'm going to do dishes in a bit.

What else.....Oh, yeah. I weighed in today. Actually, I didn't and that is big news. Last week I did and was relieved to have lost 1.2lbs. But the experience of the gain (see 24 May blog), with the help of Tim and Betty (my WW leader) I realized that I have given the scale too much power. I let this thing and its 3 little numbers control my happiness. Tim suggested I keep off the scale for a few weeks, and that's what I'm gonna do. So, I went in today and DID NOT GET ON THE SCALE. It felt I never knew how much of my behavior revolved around WI. Listen to this: because I knew I wasn't going to WI, part of me wondered why the heck should I stay in my points and exercise? That was a big red flag. I shouldn't be trying to make the scale happy, I should be making myself happy and healthy. I changed my focus. I did stay on program for me and my health....and to keep off the 50+ lbs I lost. Not only that, but I had a beer on Friday ( I usually try not to have any alcohol after Wed...possible bloating), ate a late dinner Sat nite w/o worrying if it'll show up on the scale, I showered before the meeting and wasn't concerned that some water would still be hiding in my hair, I drank my coffee in the car on the drive up, and I wore jeans....not my usual WI clothing. Whew!

Now I just gotta hang on for 10 more days......


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