Tuesday, March 11, 2008

So Many Emotions, So Little Time

Sad- I miss my ratties. Recently, I had a dream where I looked in the old cage and found a bunch of baby rats! They were so cute and looked a lot like Janola, Barbara, and Fat Rat! I was looking around for Monkey Rat when a voice told me she died, followed by the smell of death. :-( I woke up feeling very sad and missing my pets very much.

Happy!- About my trip, of course!! Just 3.5 months left, can you believe it?!? We bought our France and Africa (Tanzania) tix and have a room in a Parisian hostel. Gosh, I can't wait to be relaxing in and cuddling with Tim around the world.

Frustrated- Sheesh! With school, of course. The kids can be so infuriating. They've been the most unmotivated bunch I've ever taught. They like having fun, but really don't want to do any thinking and they don't seem to care if they pass or fail.

Stressed for Time- Man, I got some serious knitting to complete before we pack up! I owe a wristwarmer to one of the teachers (I promised to make this about 2 years ago). I have a pair of bunny slippers, mostly completed, for a niece (gotta finish before she's too big for them). I owe another niece a felted skull bag which she wanted for Christmas but didn't tell me soon enough. And, I want to knit all 8 nieces and nephews an Easter treat (a little bunny egg cozy).

Anger- Actually, I'm not really mad at anything. Except the scale. That doesn't seem to want to go down. Only up. Especially when I count everything. Except nuts. Maybe I need to count nuts?

Tired- time for bed.


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