Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Saga Continues-At the Scale

OK, you Daemon of the Diet aka The Scale. Today we met in battle once again and no matter what the outcome we will battle again. So I might as well get over it and learn to let go and realize that you have no power over me.

At least, you only have as much power as I give you and I give you way too much. You are only a machine. A stupid machine, really. If you are any more to me it is because I made you that way. I made you more important than you really are. Today you showed a 2 pound loss and YES I was very happy and relieved. But immediately afterwards, I was angry with myself and how I let you play with my emotions. I will learn to conquer you!! I will learn to see you as a tool and not as The Judge.

Today you showed me that if I have faith in MYSELF, I will overcome. I will lose weight if I continue to eat healthy food (not too much) and exercise regularly. My husband tells me that the scale doesn't matter as long as I continue my healthy lifestyle. I should listen to him more and the scale less.


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