Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Third Time = Habit?

We are fasting. Again. This is the third time we are skipping dinner. My husband liked it so much (and I didn't mind it so much), that he has a program that randomly tells us to fast. It's set up so that there is a 33 1/3% chance of us fasting each day. This is to simulate our chances of Tim having a "bad day" at hunting, and us low on stored foodstuffs. :-( (What kind of early woman was I if I didn't have a store of dried fruits and nuts?? Really, I'd have a stash of somethin' handy for just such an occasion. "Poor honey. No mammoth tonight? That's OK. I found us some eggs and we still have some dried out tubers I can boil in a proto-soup.")

At first, skipping dinner was kinda cool. I was very proud of myself for not eating dinner that first time. The second time I just shrugged, remembered that I had done it before so can survive another night without dinner, no problem.

But again??!!?? I feel like my body wants to hold a meeting and make it's voice heard. "This is ridiculous! Do you know how bored I am on these nights? Water has no flavor!" from my mouth and tongue. "You don't have to listen to the Stomach moan and groan, complaining about how empty and lonely it is," from my ears. And from my intestines, "Well, at least it gives me a chance to get caught up!"

Seriously, it looks like fasting will be a part of our lives at least for now. This third time makes it feel more real and less like a passing fancy.

Anyway, to keep my mind of off FoOOooOd I'm making a list of all the good things that come of this:

Hooray for No Dinner!

1. I didn't have to go to the grocery store.
2. I didn't have to cook, which means no chopping of several pounds of veggies.
3. I didn't have to figure out how to make chicken more interesting.
4. More time for relaxin' and knittin'.
5. Can go to bed early and get caught up on beauty sleep!
6. Look forward to breakfast.
7. Get hydrated. That's full of all sorts of health benefits!
8. Hey, post a blog!
9. Husband is more relaxed and happy and that makes me happy. :-)


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