Sunday, January 13, 2008

How Do I Love My Husband?

I was reading this here blog and felt the need to reply. It was such a big comment, and I feel I have a lot to say, that I pasted it here and continued to write about it. When you live with someone, how do you show them you love them?

These are all very good questions. I feel that what works for one couple may not work for another which makes it difficult to give advice! I can only share my own experience.

I was surprised by how easily our lives "meshed" after moving in together. I think we allow each other to be independent while still having "one" life. By creating a relationship where we can honestly communicate our needs we're able to love each other without smothering.

It's true, he doesn't bring me flowers as often and I don't dress up or cook fabulous meals all the time anymore. But that makes it more special when he does and I do. How do we show our love now on a daily basis? We're still very affectionate (lots of hugs and kisses) and even just sitting in the computer room together is nice; I like it when he looks over at me, smiles, and wiggles.

We show each other we love each other by making time to be together during the week and on weekends, by cooking dinner, buying groceries, doing laundry. And by telling each other. I also think if you have the same long-term life goals and see each other working towards them, it solidifies your relationship. Having similar beliefs and supporting each other in them is another way to show your love.

Gee, it doesn't sound like a lot, but this is what works for us. I feel satisfied and not neglected. I feel deeply loved by a good, intelligent, caring, attractive man.


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