Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Where Angels Fear to Tread

Today, I was reminded, by my students, why more people DO NOT teach junior high school.

The kids are making alka-seltzer powered rockets. Once you've taped an index card tube to the film canister, you tape on a paper nosecone, like a real rocket.

Only to every 13-14 year old, it looks like a penis. So all day long I've had kids ask me, after taping the nosecone to the tube, "Is this it?" and "Mrs. Newsome, isn't this the best looking rocket?" followed by pubescent giggling.

Then, you see the boys giggling as they tape on the fins, since to them it now looks like a penis with balls.


believe me, i'm so happy to have to deal with this than what another teacher had to deal with across town. an 8th grade student (my grade) shot another in class. in class!!!!1!! Of course, this has the whole staff "concerned," to put it lightly, especially after the "incident" we had earlier this year.

The victim-boy died this afternoon. He was 15 years old.

yes, some old feelings have resurfaced when i heard the news this morning. later, the principal had released a letter to us and the parents saying that they are doing all they can to make our campus safe. none of the staff really believe this.
sometimes this job sucks.


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