Monday, February 11, 2008

Entropy, Take Me Away!

I am not a happy homemaker. In fact, I HATE cleaning. I hate how, when you clean, it only stays clean for maybe an hour and then *BAM* someone spills something on it or you use it. Now it's dirty. Thank you, thermodynamics.

Anyway, with nature against me I do the natural thing by not investing much energy into cleaning. Fortunately, I am blessed with a husband with a very high slob and dirt tolerance. :-) Though part me feels that if he did care a bit more about having a clean abode, then maybe he would do the cleaning. But then, my experience with the human animal tells me this would only lead to arguments over who cleans what and when and someone would feel that the other didn't do enough around the house and feelings would get hurt. :-( Our relationship is such that we both know exactly how much the other is/isn't doing, so no quarreling over housework! :D

Since I am a dilatory (man, what a great word! makes me sound so smart!) housekeeper, when I do get that wild hair to clean, the apartment really needs it in a very obvious way. If you look under my sink you would find some run-of-the-mill kitchen counter top cleaners which I use about once a week...or so. But behind them lurk my real arsenal: magic erasers and heavy-duty scum cleaners. If I was a better (ie-normal) housekeeper I wouldn't have geologic layers of calcium developing here and there, but I do so I need to knock 'em out.

If my hubby doesn't motivate me to keep a clean house, then what does you may ask? Company. Whenever we have people over for dinner, that gets me a'cleanin' and sometimes a'cookin', like tonight. We're hosting Monday Night Movie and since tomorrow is hubby's birthday, I'm making a lasagna by request. From scratch (except for the pasta). During the two-hour simmer time for the bolognas e I managed to clean the kitchen, including the fridge, and both bathrooms. And I will tell you I feel very complacent knowing that all that is now clean. I'm sitting here sipping on tea and dipping homemade biscotti.

And Honey is washing dishes. Friends will be arriving soon, tracking in dirt and dirtying more dishes.

And chaos wins again!


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