Monday, April 21, 2008

Two Words

Word #1

Ok. My husband has been, for the past 6 months, slowly turning our second story apartment into a gym. I call it the Plywood Gym and if you saw it you'd know why. He's made a set of squat racks out of 2 x4s, buckets, and cement (*note* It doesn't look like the one in this picture). He's lined the floor with two layers of plywood. And he's stocked the room with weight sets from Craig's List.

Of course, I admire his creativity and dedication to his/our workouts. He's repeatedly said, "If we only had a garage...." and I know things would be different if we did have a garage. There wouldn't be that tang of pine and wood glue permeating the gym/office area, for starters. And I wouldn't have to worry about the downstairs neighbors when he starts deadlifting with his olympic weight set.

But, it's done and it's kept him busy and active and I can admit that it has helped me get stronger and given me some cool muscle definition. :-)

Word #2

35 school days left!! I would preface with "only", only it's going to feel a lot more than 35 days. Anyway, I was watching a recorded episode of A Map for Saturday and got all emotional. I could so relate to the beginning of the guy's trip. (Oh, you don't know about this show. Basically, a 25 year-old guy decides to take a year off and travel around the world.) I also have a lot of friends and coworkers commenting on my decision to quit my job (well, maybe not so much this part as ...) and travel the world for a year. A lot of people ask a lot of the same things, mainly 1. What about your house? and 2. What about your stuff? and 3. What about your kids? I guess we're lucky to be renting right now and willing to give/sell/toss out a lot of our stuff. And we don't have any kids.

Some say how they could never do that, or how lucky you are to be able to do that. On which I have to agree with the quote from the Map for Saturday website that says it's about attitude. Anyone could totally do what we are about to do. Am I nervous? Heck ya'! Am I scared? Hellz yes! But that is part of the reason for going. I don't want to be the kind of person whose life teeters between work and home (much like it does now). I want to have adventures and see wonderful sights, sights some of you will never see. I want to taste and smell and hear and touch things like foods, buildings, trees, and people that I don't taste/smell/hear/feel here. And, experience other countries and cultures, including the "world traveler" lifestyle. I do feel blessed to be doing all this with my partner in life (that's you, honey ;-) ) instead of by my very lonesome self.

At the end of the show, I was sad. Sad because I still have to let 35 more school days pass before I can really get into my trip. And then, I'll be into my trip.


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