Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wonderful, Lazy Sunday

I've been feeling a bit under the weather this past week with a head cold. It hasn't totally taken over, but has left me tired, achy, coughy, and sniffly. Of course, I'm sure my stressful life hasn't helped much. And neither does being not-pregnant.

Anyway, since I attended a birthday party last night which means I ate more than I should've but less than I would've I decided not to go to my WeightWatcher's meeting this morning. Also, my hubby wanted to get together with some people and workout and it all sounded like so much effort and energy so not going to the meeting was one less thing to do/worry about. I didn't workout, the people we wanted to hang with were busy, so I actually graded some papers.

I've decided to only do as much work as I have to do. The kids have grades, the A-students and F-students are pretty much established, and more grading isn't going to change their grades so much. In fact, most of the others will have worse grades the more grading I do, as they are lazy (like we all are this time of year, me more so than normal) and don't turn in all their work.

But the wonderful part of today was spent reading various travel blogs in the Middle East. Eventually, I will post our itinerary, but I will let you know that we are planning on ferrying across the Red Sea from Egypt to Jordan, travel up Jordan and across Syria into Turkey. :-) Our travels in Africa and the Middle East are kinda scary for me. Tim is in charge of planning our Tanzania trip, so I took it upon myself to get some idea of what we're in for from Egypt to Turkey.

So far, the blogs I've read have warned about "Africa time" and they all agree that Jordan and Syria are full of friendly people and great food. So, I've been dreaming about desert adventures in biblical lands and stone cities, sleeping in a tent under the desert sky, and floating in the Dead Sea.

It's nice to know that this will be a nice trip. There's still things to worry about, but at least we'll certainly have a good time.


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