Tuesday, May 06, 2008

8 Pounds of Flesh

Well, stress has exacted its toll from me. :-( Sadly, it wasn't happy with just one pound of flesh; it demanded eight.

I've gained eight pounds this school year. (I was up ten pounds and lost three, but have since then gained one back.) In thinking over everything that I've gone through, I guess it could have been worse. So, once again, in no particular order, here is a list of

Bad Things 07-08

1. The death of Fat Rat

2. The death of The Boy Rat

3. The death of my sweet Monkey Rat

4. Threatened to be shot

5. Continued union and school district contract negotiations (this has led to...)

6. Poor school morale

7. Apathetic and unmotivated students

8. Father in rehab (though I think this is a good thing)

9. Accidental shooting of student

10. Seeing kid who threatened me at school every day (he's not in my class, but he's there)

11. No cuddly, furry pet to love and talk to

12. Normal teacher stress (low test scores, demands to perform miracles from admin, low skilled students, grading papers, lesson planning, student teachers, etc.)

bleh. No wonder I've gained weight this year. Numbers 4-11 are especially hard, as they are above and beyond #12 and the death of only one loving pet.

It just seems that I don't have time to recoup from the last negative experience before another one looms up. And, some of these stresses are constant so I never have a chance to get over it. My normal safehouses are not safe anymore; school is awful and home is not the same without my ratties. I miss them so much. They really do improve the quality of my life.


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