Sunday, July 23, 2006

Rats, old and new

Please welcome the newest member of the Newsome family! His name is Mr. Blue, but I call him Blue Boy and Tim refers to him as The Boy. He is a 7-8month-old blue hooded rescue rat, neutered, so the plan is to eventually have him living with his adopted sisters. He is very sweet and is still shy (just got him Thurs, 20 July). I don't think he ever lived with another rat at his old place. I do hope he adjusts to us, his new family.

On a very sad note, Janola will cross over on Wed, 26 July. There isn't any question anymore regarding her happiness. She is definitely not the same rat as last month, when we weren't sure if it was the right time. As much as putting her to sleep saddens me, I am glad we gave her/got an extra month. I know her sister, Barbara, is waiting for her, and together they can dig and climb and jump and nest build like they did when they were younger. Barbara will probably show Janola around, introducing her to new friends and telling everyone about her sister.


Blogger marcy said...

I'm so sad about Janola. You gave her such a full, wonderful life. I'll be thinking about you on Wednesday. . . Welcome to the Boy! Hope he adjusts quickly.

10:00 PM  

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