Saturday, August 19, 2006

5 Random Thoughts

I've been meaning to post all week but laziness would set in and then I didn't feel I had enough information on one subject to warrant an entire post. So, here they all are:

1. I absolutely love being a woman. I enjoy being touchably soft and sometimes girlie. Being a woman has many meanings from frilly to independent to bitchy and I love being able to explore all the options in one day. ha!

2. I absolutely hate being irrational several days a month. When I'm menstrual, I'm over-sensitive and feel like I need to eat everything in the house. All the negative and downer emotions seem so close to the surface at that time and it takes all my energy and logical prowess to maintain what I feel is a reasonable personality. Apparently I don't do as good a job as I think, since Tim will sometimes observe, "What's wrong? Is it because you are 'not pregnant'?"

BTW-we both refer to this time as me being "not pregnant" and celebrate it! Sometimes I buy myself a little somethin' somethin', could be a snacky treat or a girlie treat. :-)

3. So happy my head is better! Tim and I went snorkeling this morning and I was able to dive down and get a good, close-up look at such cool invertebrates as boring (read: drilling holes into rock and not, well, you know) clams, urchins, and anemones. Saw schools of topsmelt and spent about 10 minutes playing with a friendly harbor seal.

4. Finally rode my bike! The actual riding part is great, but the getting part sucks. We live in a second floor apartment and keep the bikes in our spare closet. So if I want to ride my bike I have to lug it down a flight of stairs, and lug it back up when I'm done. I hate carrying it upstairs as it messes with my sense of balance. Well, the part I hate isn't the carrying but the feeling like I'm going to fall back down the stairs with the bike on top of me.

5. *gasp* There was this new teacher on this message board I've been surfing who actually lived through my nightmare: Kids out of control! Everyone talking and nobody listening! Kids with a long history of bad behavior! Feeling like a failure of a teacher! She is afraid of being a tyrant.

*piffle* I let the kids know right from the start that what I say goes and not to mess with me. I'm very strict, especially during the first few weeks of school. Once the lines have been drawn and the kids realize that I am in control then we all relax and have a good time. So, why am I having this nightmare? I know what to do. I'm large and in charge!!

**Bonus Thought** I like my bellydance class. Those dancers have amazing muscle control. I've only had 2 lessons and what I've come away with so far is just that as a bellydancer you are really dancing with your entire body. The belly is just one part! There are moves for your face, hips, legs, arms, which you would expect. But there's also finger, head, stomach (yeah, duh, but you have to move your abs a certain way and it ain't easy!), and hair moves. Yes, hair!


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