Thursday, November 03, 2005

bleh. I'm feeling a bit underappreciated right now. It's 5:30 and I just got home. I left here at 6am, making my day about 12hrs long. I know at the school I'm a part of a team and I'm surrounded by people/kids all the time, but for some reason I feel very alone. No one has watched me teach, no one really knows what I do in my room. No one has ever said that I'm doing a good job. Oh, they've been telling me all the ways I can improve my pedagogy, pointing out my "areas of growth" etc. etc. but no one has said hey, you're doing a good job. Or I really like that one (whatever lesson) you did. I put in a lot of my energy, heart and soul into my job, which is so much more than a "job" to me. Until today my joy came in the satisfaction of a job done to the best of my ability. Is it wrong to want the occassional accolade?