Thursday, February 22, 2007

Grouse, grouse, bitch

Today I let it out. I asked the students why their teachers (namely, me, social studies, and math) have been cranky lately. After a stone silence (phenomenal in and of itself) this is what they all came up with:

1. Because we aren't doing our work.
2. The trimester is almost done and we're failing.
3. The STAR test is coming and we haven't learned anything.
4. It's almost March and we still aren't doing anything.

Not bad. I would've added:
5. Because we can't do math. And I mean it. I've seen some really bad math skills today. A student divided 68.6N by 7kg and got....wait for it....68.6!!! How the fuck do you do that? I kid you not. And this is a sweet girl who tries very hard. She even worked it out, long division and everything. Man, how totally fucked up do your math skills have to be to get an answer like that? And, she had mistakes like that throughout the entire test! 1,250kg X 4m/s = 10250!!??!!

6. We don't answer the entire question in an assignment. This bugs me to no end. Question: What was your best combination of water and Alka Seltzer? Compare with two other groups. Did they have the same best combination? Answer: Our best was 1/2canister of water and 1/2 Alka Seltzer tablet. And then they wonder why they aren't doing well.

Lately I've been pushing the whole standards-based grading in my own classroom. The good thing about it is it makes grading more objective. The sad thing is how many students are lacking the skills that would allow them to be proficient in science.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sick Rat

i'm very sad. my little fat rat has pneumonia. she is not a happy rat and has even lost some weight.

this means 6 more weeks of antibiotics.

at least it's not so bad anymore now that i mix one antibiotic in avocado. i guess this is like humans getting their tonsils removed and are allowed to eat all that ice cream.

only i want my healthy little fat rat back.

Valentine's Day? Bah-Humbug!

Call me a heretic, but I think I'm the only woman who doesn't feel that Valentine's Day is the most important "holiday" of the year. There was this one time where a female supervisor once told me that VDay was more special than Christmas, so it was vital I get my then-boyfriend a special gift. I always felt pressured to do something extra-wonderful that day or to expect something un-frikkin'-believable. They ended up being good-times, but never lived up to the hype.

I feel sorry for men right now because all the commercials are aimed at them because, obviously, they are so clueless about the women in their lives that they need Corporate America to remind them that flowers and chocolates are not even worthy of being classified as "gifts." What their special lady needs/wants/desires/must-have is blingy jewelry, the bigger and more sparkly the better. I even heard one that advertised for balloon bouquets. bleh. I'd rather have flowers. And some chocolates. Ooooooo, and a clean apartment. And dinner out. And cuddling.

Monday, February 05, 2007


i really should be in bed. in fact, tim would be a bit upset if he found out i was still up, so that is why i'm whispering.

i'm tired, but can't sleep. i thought if i wrote down what was in my brain it might help.

a. tim isn't here. he's at monday night movie with some friends. i decided to stay home so that i could go to bed early (ha) and also give the ratties some play time, as they didn't get much yesterday. i find it hard to sleep without him. guess that's what happens when you marry someone you love being with.

b. got hooked on knitting this very cool scarf. it's just stockinette stitch and two skeins but the color changing yarns are creating some beautiful stripes. can't wait 'til it's done!

c. fat rat. i'm worried about her. she's on meds for a respiratory infection and has been lethargic the last couple of days. she doesn't seem interested in exploring or saying hi like she used to. tim reminded me that our ratties aren't little girls anymore. they're middle aged now and the vet says that fat rat isn't as healthy as the other rats. i'm probably going to take her to the vet again this week primarily to check out that infection, ask if we should continue the meds, and see if her depression isn't just all in my head.

d. parent conferences today and tomorrow and the next day. lots of stuff. hope it motivates some of the kids. a few of them have a lot going on in their lives.

e.all this has me feeling very sad. except the scarf. that makes me happy.

*edit* man, this also has me craving chocolate, beer, and potato chips. it could also be that i'm "not pregnant". that time always has me feeling hyper-sensitive.