Monday, January 12, 2004

Had a great day. Did an experiment in all my classes, and that usually goes over really well.

Lost 3lbs since my last weigh in week before last.

Aaarrgghh! It's after 10! I;m turningin ggggto a mpunkennn

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Come on, Friday!
Lesson Learned: All students turn into A+ students when bribed with candy.

Don't get me wrong, I had a pretty good day. But weekends are so much fun.

My kids were alright. However, there is a pair of them in my first period and apparently they have a couple of other classes together and they are a pain in the ass in those classes as well. They aren't bad kids, but they don't do each other any good together. Bleh!

On a good note, my assistant principal FINALLY got those extra kids out of my huge class and put them in my small class. I hope that'll change the dynamics in that class. Also, after almost 2 months, I finally got my school supplies in! It only took a lot of nagging and the custodian had to step in, but I got crayons and stuff!

I rediscovered that kids will participate and demonstrate their knowledge better when bribed. I asked for students to get up and demonstrate the four different types of friction, and got nada. Then I said what if I gave you a piece of candy, and all of a sudden there was a forest of hands! Imagine that.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Good work continues. I'm on a roll!

Well, I graded the homework in my 8th grade classes today, and most of the kids did their homework, even a couple who never do it. I don't know what to think! I guess we'll see what happens tomorrow. Right now I'm trying to wrap up and begin a topic in both grades. I even entered their grades (or at least what I'm counting) in the computer, so I have a good idea of their grades. I have a lot of "Fs" due to many absences. bleh! It's hard to teach them when they aren't there.

My rats are doing nicely. They are now, at 8:40pm, awake and running all up and down the shelving around their home. At first, they were all snuggly and sleepy in their hat, bruxing while I skritched them. Now that I'm ready to go to bed, they are all fired up. I could see bedtime challenges in the future! Already, they try to climb out when I put them in the cage for the night. On one hand I can't blame them since Tim and I feel that the cage we got (the largest the store had) is now beginning to be a bit small for them. They are so big now! They are going to be huge monsters in no time! The can now easily reach the shelves above theirs.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Miracle on Rose Ave. I'd say about 85% of my kids did their homework! Can you believe it????

And you know what else? I already entered the assignment in the grade book! I didn't have to collect a single paper, and I got to see who exactly did/didn't do it right away! I feel so free right now! But, I have to exercise for 30 minutes. Bleh.

Hey, I learned today that I was an inspiration to one of the other teachers! Imagine that! It made my day knowing what I do affects the kids and staff, even on a personal level.

Monday, January 05, 2004

I'm back. Hope you had a great Holiday Season.

School started today. It actually went over quite well. I assigned homework. So, the frustration begins tomorrow when no one does it.